Cutting edge technology

X Dispatch, a CXT-built software, was created from the ground up by courier industry veterans, X Dispatch combines  three decades of experience in the same-day delivery industry to bring you the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful software solution for your business needs.  This software solution accommodates unlimited rating schemes, includes address validation, and provides a comprehensive dispatch module with intelligent dispatching capabilities, the ability to locate and track drivers using real-time data, and automatically communicates proof of delivery information.

X Route gives you complete route management tools for tasks unique to routed delivery orders including contract billing, scheduled stop control, route details, bar codes, driver manifests and more. Its distribution component allows for Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN) and Over, Shortage & Damage (OS&D) reporting—all in real time.

MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) DRIVER SCANNERS
In an Industry where employees are always on the go, mobile devices must be reliable and feature the latest capabilities. thats why our Courier’s are provided technology  that boasts:

Rugged Design- built for use in nearly any environment
GPS- real-time fleet location tracking
Bar Code Scanning- 1D or 2D data capture
Weather Sealed- withstands exposure to dust, rain, snow and spills
Signature Capture- eliminates paper forms
Voice and Data Services- high performance service outside your four walls